Contributors: For Your Opt-In Page

1. The due date to complete and upload your opt-in page is July 6, 2018.

2. If you haven’t already read our Contributor Tips Sheet yet, we recommend it, as there are tips for creating an effective opt-in page that will boost your list-building efforts. (Sample pages included.) Click here to download.

3. You’ll need to place a Get Clients Online Giveaway banner on your opt-in page. We want visitors to your page to feel confident and secure that they’ve made it to the correct page. Click here to download a folder with 3 banner options (2 horizontal, 1 square). Choose the one that works best for your page.

4. Your opt-in page must contain the following boilerplate language. It’s fine if it’s at the very bottom and in small print:

* Giveaway runs from Monday, August 6, 2018 through Monday, August 27, 2018 ending at midnight ET.
* Drawing for raffle winners will be held on August 28, 2018
* Winners will be notified by email by September 4, 2018
* Winners have 30 days to redeem their prize.
* All “Get Clients Online Giveaway” contributors are independent business owners, and are operating in conjunction with, but SEPARATELY from the “Get Clients Online Giveaway” promotion.

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