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Join Me This Fall to Leverage and Scale Your Business and Double (or Triple) Your Current Revenue by the End of the Year


A Note from Christine:

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Leverage – the ability to multiply your income without a corresponding increase in effort – is probably what’s missing for you in your business if you feel stuck at a certain income and limited in your options to earn more. (And this live event is where you’ll get everything you need to finally break that income barrier!)
Securing your ticket to the Leverage Event is an INCREDIBLE opportunity. Here’s why:

* The exact plan for how to shift OUT of the dollars for hours model
* Powerful partnership secrets to leverage others’ HUGE lists
* Little-known strategies to hire AFFORDABLE help so you can focus on bringing in more MONEY, now
* Revealed: automation and systemization tools the pros use to run their biz on AUTOPILOT
* More time FREEDOM to do what you want, when you want
* Finally SCALE your business by no longer marketing 1:1 and instead reach millions

If you want to read the full description of this dynamic event, visit this page – but be sure to come back HERE to register your free ticket!)

There’s only one PROBLEM: my events always sell out. But, if you’re seeing this page then you get in FREE, if you act quickly. ?

Important Note: This free registration page is for our Giveaway participants ONLY.

Can I ask a favor? ? PLEASE do not register yourself for this event unless you are absolutely 100% sure and committed you will attend, ok?

Check and clear your calendar right now. You don’t want to miss this event!

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Read These Important Event Details, Then Register Below Before Tickets Are Gone!

1. YES, I understand that spaces are limited, so it’s important that I check my calendar right now and block the time to attend.

2. YES, I understand that this registration option is first-come, first-served, so it’s possible that all the seats will be taken if I don’t register soon. I understand that I am not guaranteed a seat unless I register as instructed on this page.

3. YES, I understand that this free registration option is available to Giveaway participants only. I also understand that if I don’t register soon there may not be seats available – so I need to plan and commit now to save my registration.

4. YES, I understand there is a no exception $247 no-show penalty. PLEASE do not register yourself for this event unless you are absolutely 100% sure and committed you will attend. Otherwise, we lose a seat and someone else who could have attended is denied that opportunity. Why do we have this policy? This seems fair to us: we’re giving you a free ticket to the event, so the least you can do is attend if you say you will, right? ? The $247 covers our minimum of costs for an attendee for 3 days of conference room space, materials, breaks, etc.

5. YES, I understand these tickets are non-transferable to other events. Once I register myself, I cannot transfer my tickets to a later She’s Got Clients LIVE event–my registration is only good for the Leverage 2016 event. However, I do understand that if I register and end up not being able to make the live event in November I can transfer my ticket to that event to someone else who can attend the November event in my place. If I would like my spouse or business partner to attend with me, I will have the option to do so AFTER I register on this page.

6. YES, I understand that after completing my registration I will be given the opportunity to invite a friend, spouse or business/life partner at a reduced tuition of only $97. Inviting your friend, spouse or business partner is a great way to get more done at the event by being able to share in the content and the moment.

7. YES, I understand I’ll be sent hotel and logistics information after I register.
* Yes, I understand that if I register and contact the She’s Got Clients team before October 14th, 2016, I can cancel my registration and not pay the $247 no-show fee.


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