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Hey, it’s Christine! Welcome to the Get Clients Online Giveaway! I’m so glad you’re here! You are in for an amazing experience. To kick off the Giveaway, I want to give you your very first gift. Below, you’ll find the 3 steps to take you to your first goodies in the Giveaway.

Step 1: Claim Your First Gift From Yours Truly Now!


My go-to 5-step blueprint, tested over 10 years online, to consistently deliver fast, foolproof results. No gimmicks, no complicated funnels, no 89-step process. (A $397 Value)



  • Learn the exact steps to creating BIG visibility for yourself – even if you’re completely unknown now
  • Discover how to be seen as THE go-to expert so you’ll never have to chase clients again
  • Get SEEN so you can finally get PAID (Just like all the hottest influencers do)
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Pretty awesome start, right?

Step 2: Apply for a Free Visibility Strategy Call With Me & the Team!

I invite you to apply for an exclusive, no obligation strategy call to discover the exact steps to creating massive visibility for you and your business – PLUS, if you book your call by the end of the Giveaway (and attend), you get my Get Clients Online System for $997 FREE – very limited time offer and limited spaces!

But here’s the thing… thousands of entrepreneurs will be coming through this Giveaway, and as much as we would love to speak with you all, it’s just not realistic. But what I can do is make room on the calendar for 17 determined entrepreneurs who need my help most!

17 entrepreneurs will get the opportunity to work with myself and my team, for 30 full minutes on this complimentary call. (And to show you how serious I am about what will happen on the call, I’m calling it a “Breakthrough Visibility Call!”)

It will take you just 3 minutes to apply, and as they come in, I will review all of the applications and pick the 17 who I think could most benefit from a no-cost “Breakthrough Visibility Call” with us. If you are chosen, we will email you to schedule a time.


This is the ONLY time you will be able to get it FREE.


Step 3: Next, Claim Access to the Rest of Your Gifts!

Are you ready to see the rest of the gifts? The doors are open and the rest of your free gifts – all helpful for getting clients online – are waiting for you. Click the button below to access. Plus, you could be a winner to one of the amazing raffles that will help jumpstart your efforts! Choose all that you want from 40+ free gifts now!

“Since working with Christine, I am delegating more, systematizing my procedures, and running the business in a more automated way. I am now building the path to create more revenue for myself doing what I love. I get so much value learning from Christine.”

Danielle Monaco

Owner of the D. Monaco Boutique

“As a direct result of learning from Christine I had my first $33,000 DAY in my business. I can say this confidently based on my personal experience with coaches, she is one of the best.”

Marilee Tolen

Holistic RN & Essential Oils Expert

“Within one month of working with Christine I increased my sales, developed a new membership program that enrolled members in seconds of its launch, and I held my first successful 2-day event!”

Sherita Sparrow

Nationally Renowned Therapeutic Art Specialist

“As a direct result of Christine’s program, my list has increased 40%, my revenue has increased by 50%, and I am totally 100% more confident in WHO I am and what I provide.”

Esther Hughes

Founder of The Center for Elite Women Communicators

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